Crystal Visions (Metro, 10th May 2018)


Pseudoscience it may be but the love for ancient rocks shows no sign of abating, says Amy Dawson

VICTORIA Beckham lines her fashion shows with crystals, Kim Kardashian used them to get over her robbery trauma and Tom Hardy has been spotted obsessing over them in a London new-age store. It’s 2018 and if you don’t yet have a lump of ancient mineral in your handbag, it’s time to get on board with the good-vibes tribe.

Crystals have been revered for their supposed powers from time immemorial and were adored by the patchouli-powered boho babes of the 1970s. But in an age when shamans are the new personal trainers, crystals and their healing properties are now selling like hot cakes (or old rocks) with ‘mysticore’ millennials.

The fact that a chunk of citrine looks gorgeous next to your obligatory hipster terrarium probably doesn’t hurt. Indeed, a quick glance at the ‘crystals’ hashtag on Instagram throws up 7million pictures. Nevertheless, it’s about much more than aesthetics.

‘People are opening up to more mystical ways of answering life’s big questions, since many of our “old ways” of doing things no longer appear to be working,’ says Ruby Warrington, founder of influential ‘cosmic lifestyle platform’ The Numinous and an avid fan of crystals.

If you don’t know where to get started, Emma Lucy Knowles’s new book, The Power Of Crystal Healing, gives guidance on using ‘the ultimate powerhouses of the earth’ to help you kick ass at work, wind down after a tough day or align your energies in the morning.

Like Miranda Kerr, Emma even keeps a crystal or two in her bra. ‘It’s true!’ she says. ‘I’ve actually been known to wear a slightly bigger bra to get a bigger lump of crystal in. Usually rose quartz is tucked in there to radiate love and joy, and tiger’s eye for confidence, if I’m feeling I need to raise my head a bit higher to be seen.’

Whether you keep them in your underwear, meditate with them, build shrines with them or more, it’s clear there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to crystals. Instead, it’s all about developing our intuition.

‘They attract and work for each individual in their own way,’ says Emma, ‘so they help us develop a deeper connection and relationship with their powers and our own.’

While there’s no scientific proof that crystals have any impact on human physiology, it’s unarguable that for some, at least, they do provide a psychological boost. It’s also one A-list trend anyone can take part in.

Reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may have splashed out on $27,000 of crystals for the birth of their son late last year but most of us can pick up a nice bit of tourmaline for a couple of quid.

‘Now it’s not just an aspiration, it’s something we can all reach to and touch,’ says Emma, ‘so bring it on, I say! If it spreads the word and the love, and provokes or triggers an interest in the world, then why not?’

So have your crystals at the ready, there’s a brand new way to get your rocks off.