Crystal Visions (Metro, 23rd Apr 2015)


The A-list are going bonkers for crystal healing – are they on to something? Amy Dawson investigates…

KALE juice? Check. Massive sunnies? Check. Hunk of ancient mineral? Check. Plenty of celebrities nowadays won’t go anywhere without their healing crystals, and I’ve been wondering if I need to get in on the game.

Victoria Beckham, a canny businesswoman if nothing else, lines the backstage areas of her shows with black tourmaline. Angelina Jolie apparently spent thousands of dollars on extremely rare crystals, while after Katy Perry broke up with John Meyer – in what is presumably now the A-List equivalent of your friend popping over with a bottle of pinot and a trashy mag – Madonna gave her the number of her crystal healer. Meanwhile, crystal prints are everywhere this season, and high street jewellery racks are jangling with gypster-tastic crystal jewellery.

The phenomenon typifies the fast march of spiritualism into the mainstream – because nowadays it’s not enough to have the star stylist,top trainer and hottest hairdresser on speed dial. You need the best healer and shaman too. With crystal healing widely dismissed as a pseudo-science, it’s easy to scoff. But despite being unsure of what spiritual beliefs I have – if any – I’ve always been happy to accept there might be all sorts of forces at work in the universe. So I head to east London to speak to Josie of Eleven Healing, an energy healer who uses a crystal pendulum as part of her sessions.

Josie says each type of crystal has a unique internal structure that makes it resonate at a certain frequency – and it’s this that gives it specific healing qualities. As I attempt to bend my head around this, I notice a beautiful array of crystals on her windowsill. ‘I take these with me everywhere,’ she says. ‘They say you don’t find a crystal, the right crystal finds you.’

She sees the celeb lust for crystals not as a fad but an indication of a wider ‘revolution in consciousness’, with more of us opening up to alternative beliefs. I take to wearing a small clear quartz necklace said to promote healing, calming and confidence. If nothing else, it looks pretty. I also remember I have a lump of amethyst somewhere, given to me by a much-missed grandma. Perhaps this is ‘my’ crystal finding me?

I’m recovering slowly from two slipped discs and I’ve taken to shutting my eyes and giving my amethyst a squeeze every time things get too much. It helps me mentally reset and feel stronger. Even if the healing power of crystals are ‘all in the mind’, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing at all.

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