On The Road With…Cassy (Metro, 17th Dec 2018)


The globe-trotting DJ and Vienna native tells Amy Dawson about 1990s New York, going potty in Sicily and impulse airport buying.

What’s your favourite city?

I was completely taken by my first trip to New York in 1993. It was just the sexiest, most vibrant, still slightly dangerous but most fascinating place I had ever seen. It’s still my favourite city, and still has really high energy, but it doesn’t have the same spirit any more. I’m not saying there’s nothing exciting happening in New York, of course, but the street life isn’t like it used to be.

What keeps you sane on the road?

Working out and staying healthy. Sometimes I go on to types of fasts or diets, and I’ve started meditation and yoga. Sometimes it would help to take a sleeping tablet but then I’ve always come to the conclusion that it’s better to have a glass or two of red wine. I really believe in that — and some ginger ale can also be extremely helpful when you’re travelling, to settle the stomach.

When have you been most frightened while travelling?

Sometimes the weather conditions overseas are just much harsher than we’re used to, living in Europe. Recently I was flying from Washington DC to New York and it was a really bumpy ride. It was just 45 minutes of shaking — very unpleasant. I’m a mother now, and I’m older, and I have to say that I do get much more anxious when I’m travelling.

What is the best souvenir you’ve come home with?

I am not a souvenir shopper in general but on my last trip to Sicily, at Palermo airport, something just overcame me. I bought all these ceramics because I was so taken by Sicily. It’s so breathtaking. We’d just moved house and that was the first thing I checked when we got there. I had to see if those Sicily pots were OK.

Best place you’ve spent the night?

I’ve stayed at the Savoy in Florence several times (doubles from £478, roccofortehotels.com) I’ve gone there with my son, with good girlfriends, and by myself. They’re so friendly and helpful. It has a very romantic, warm, personal feel.

Best meal you’ve had on the road?

So many, it’s hard to decide. I had one of the best recently with a friend at Sushi Nakazawa in New York (sushinakazawa.com). The chef there is a former apprentice of Jiro Ono, widely regarded as the greatest sushi craftsman alive. I would never normally go for sushi, although I love Japanese food, but this was probably the best I’ve had. Every detail was just right. I try to have meals like that sometimes: somewhere you wouldn’t normally go but can share something special.

Cassy will play Fabric on January 5, 2019, fabriclondon.com