Outfox The Groundhog (Metro, 28th Jan 2016)


Tuesday (2nd Feb) is the date Bill Murray got stuck in a rut. Don’t be like Bill – change the old routine with these tips, says Amy Dawson.

Chat to a stranger
Don’t freak out, we’re not telling you to become that irritating person attempting to initiate group chit-chat on the train. But it’s amazing how much it can enrich your day when you stop to actually talk for a minute to someone you’ve never spoken to before, be it the postman, someone at your gym or a neighbour. These little interactions make the world go round.

You’ve heard this a zillion times but it’s true: taking just a few minutes out of your day to meditate can refresh your mind like nothing else. ‘Shake up your routine by starting with a zen mind,’ says health coach to the stars Madeleine Shaw. ‘Set your alarm to a calm chime, then start the day with five minutes of meditation. You’ll feeler calmer, more energised and better at work.’

Look like new, feel like new
There’s nothing like a fresh haircut or wardrobe overhaul to make you feel like a new person. Relax, we know you can’t do that every day. But every so often, try something small like a new nail varnish colour of questionable taste or that scarf you forgot you had.

Get up half an hour earlier (sorry)
Obviously, we all loathe getting up on a weekday morning. Right? But forcing yourself to get out of bed just half an hour earlier can be so worth it. Carving out time in the morning to exercise, read, meditate or just sit in the garden with a cuppa can keep you on top, whatever the day throws at you.

Get app happy
It’s not easy to be spontaneous (life has a habit of getting in the way) but there are apps out there to help. WIN GiT will suggest unusual nights out, gigs, classes, markets and more that are being talked about on social media in your city. In London, Wonderrush gives you unlimted access to everything from comedy to kravmaga self-defence classes for a £29 a month.

Learn something new
Whether it be rock climbing or knitting, learning a new skill can be massively life-enhancing. It will give you confidence, a sense of satisfaction and stop you feeling stuck in the same old groove. And you never know, you might just find a new career direction.

Rearrange the furniture
Use feng shui, the Marie Kondo method or a technique of your own, but try moving things about every so often. Research suggests these changes, alongside mixing up your commute, can boost production of neurotrophins, which help your brain cells to thrive.