Return of the Mac – But Not As You Know It (Metro, 24th Jun 2015)


There’s no stopping Amy Dawson when Fleetmac Wood hit town. No, not the supergroup, the ultra-hip DJ duo…

There are Fleetwood Mac fans and then there are Fleetwood Mac fans. Maybe you like Dreams. Perhaps you’re vaguely aware that the band’s music featured on the BBC’s Formula 1 coverage or that Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child had something to do with one of them.

If that sounds familiar, this party isn’t for you. But if, like me, you sometimes just want to climb inside the piano riff from Sara and bite down on it, then take my hand, fellow gipsy, I know just the place to go.

Fleetmac Wood sound like a dodgy covers band. In reality, they’re a hip DJ duo who move between London, New York, San Francisco and LA, putting on parties where you will hear nothing but Fleetwood Mac remixes, rare cuts and edits all night long. I’ve also caught them on a floating pagoda at The Secret Garden Party and at Glastonbury, where I was so transported during the second verse of Seven Wonders, my favourite moment in all pop music history, I nearly chopped someone’s windpipe with a wayward arm.

Although the parties are all-inclusive, most people there are twenty or thirtysomethings, not those who experienced Fleetwood Mac (in any of their many different lineups) the first time around. It’s hard to imagine this kind of tunnel-vision music policy working with any other band – at least not in such trendy locations.

So why do so many of us have such huge love for The Mac? Fleetmac Wood founder Lisa Jelliffe thinks she knows.

‘I was born the year Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined
the band,’ she says, ‘and their music has been omnipresent my whole life. ‘Tango In The Night reminds me of car trips with my mum and I think most people my age have a parent-related Fleetwood Mac memory. Their songs make great remixes because people really feel something when they hear them.’

With all the inter-band affairs, relationship breakdowns and partner swapping that went on – combined with levels of drug abuse that make your eyes water just reading about it – it’s something of a miracle seminal records such as Rumours ever got made at all. But the heartbreak, the passion and the legend is all part of the appeal.
‘There’s a romantic aura around their music,’ agrees Jelliffe. ‘Aside from the emotional hook, there’s an energy that makes people want to dance. It’s a rock’n’roll fairy tale.’

So remember, if anyone calls you weird for dressing up in a top hat and shawl to spend five hours dancing to an act dubbed ‘soft-rock cocaine enthusiasts’ by Alan Partridge, you should just Go Your Own Way.

Fleetmac Wood present their Running In The Shadows Disco at London’s XOYO tonight and at Birthdays tomorrow. They play the Stonebridge Bar at Glastonbury on Sunday from 6pm to 8pm.