Short Hair Don’t Care (Metro, 9th Apr 2015)


IT all started when Taylor Swift, my ultimate girl crush, cut her hair. Not only did she immediately look 50 times cooler but she suddenly seemed to be having a LOT more fun – and I wanted a piece of that. It was time to get myself bobbed, and by someone who knew how. Enter celeb favourite George Northwood, who talked me through the four looks on his new Bob Bar menu, which are all styled on current celebrity bobs.

With my hatred of super straight, severe cuts, and my desire not to go too short, options one and three weren’t right (Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbaums respectively). George suggested we go for number two:
choppy, long and inspired by his friend and client Alexa Chung.

He wants the bobs on the menu to be an inspiration, not something you copy strictly, so we decided to keep my fringe full and to make the cut extra shaggy. Trying on the style wigs was fun and enough to calm my nerves, especially when they kept pinging off my freakishly massive head.

Then, I couldn’t believe how quickly and decisively George got cutting. A few expert snips, some razoring, rough drying and tonging, and we were through. It was scary for a few minutes but I quickly fell in love with it. Hopefully I look edgier, and a lot less drab. It’s also ultra quick to dry and style. Let the fun begin!