The House Witch Who Can Fill Your Life With Magic (Metro, 31st Jan 2019)


Holistic expert Erica Feldmann tells us how we can all benefit from using tarot, herbs and cauldrons, says Amy Dawson.

YOU’VE Marie Kondo-ed your sock drawer into a state of hosiery nirvana and you’ve Mrs Hinch-ed your bathroom until it sparkles like the Emerald City of Oz. So what’s next for the 2019 interiors obsessive? It’s time to turn the attention to something a little less pragmatic and a little more mystical: the art of spiritual and energetic house cleansing.

If you’re not sure where to start, help is at hand in the form of HausMagick, the glossy new book by Salem-based witch and interiors expert Erica Feldmann, aka @hauswitch, who has 49.5k followers on Instagram.

Feldmann’s book has an abundance of tips on how to use crystals, herb burning, tarot, meditation and more to cultivate good vibes in your home — at the same time as making it look slick, stylish and cosy. And don’t worry if the closest you’ve come to magic is watching Harry Potter.

‘Cauldrons are encouraged but not required!’ says Feldmann. ‘You don’t have to accept any spiritual doctrine. It’s more about how you can use intention-setting and simple meditations to shift the energies in your space and feel more supported by your home.’

We all know it can be hard enough just to remember to take the bins out without throwing spells into the mix. So why should we bother? Perhaps because ensuring we feel happy in our home is one of the most important things we can do to support our mental wellbeing. And for Feldmann the metaphysical upkeep of our home isn’t an added extra, it’s intertwined with physical housework.

‘Physical decluttering can bring about spiritual transformation,’ she says. ‘I have a “banishing stuff” spell to give readers a meaningful framework for sorting through clutter. The shift from overwhelmed to empowered is truly life-changing.’

So just how do you set about keeping your home supernaturally spick and span? Feldmann says it’s all about feeling the right intentions, using whatever objects you might choose to help you connect to the energy of your space.

You could try, for example, using strategically placed healing crystals or burning herb bundles, both of which are ultra trendy. Yulia Kovaleva of Re:Mind, a London drop-in meditation centre and eco shop, says the store has seen a 150 per cent growth in sales of sage and palo santo (a sacred South American wood) since last summer.

Equally, however, there’s no need to spend money on the process — and your humble salt shaker could end up being your house-cleansing hero.

There are no hard or fast rules — it’s the intention that’s key,’ says Feldmann. ‘You can absolutely use anything that helps you feel empowered and in touch with your own magic. Table salt, in particular, is an incredibly powerful ingredient for things like creating a protective circle around your home. I always say, “A spell is just a prayer with props!”’

Whether you’ve just been through a break-up, recently moved into a new home or are dealing with difficult housemates, there are multiple reasons why you might want to ceremoniously refresh the energies in the place you live.

Get your magical Marigolds on — your house needs a metaphysical scrub.

HausMagick (Ebury) is out on February 7

A Word On Cultural Appropriation:

It’s a good idea to be mindful of cultural appropriation. For example, while a wide variety of cultures burn incense, herbs or wood, ‘smudging’ refers to specific sacred ceremonies practised by indigenous American groups — yet the word has become social-media ubiquitous. ‘My advice would be to always consider where your spiritual practices are coming from,’ says Feldmann. ‘Ask yourself, am I using the spiritual practices of a marginalised group while still participating in and upholding the systems that subjugate that group?’