Workouts that feel like Nights Out (Metro, 30th Nov 2017)


With at least one in five UK adults now teetotal and many more seeking to limit their alcohol intake, according to the Office For National Statistics, it can sometimes feel like Brits have swapped pints for pull-ups. Healthy hedonism is now the norm for switched-on millennials.

Online platforms such as Dose (, billed as a pleasure-seeker’s guide to wellness, help them find places to socialise and exercise at the same time.

Meanwhile, new boutique fitness brands – such as Ministry Does Fitness at the Ministry of Sound club – are creating workouts that promise all the socialising, banging music and rushing endorphins you’d associate with a night out but without the hangover. Fancy chasing some natural highs? We round up some of the best workouts that feel like a night out.


Part fight club, part nightclub and part immersive theatrical experience, this atmospheric event has to be seen to be believed. A live DJ drops high-energy tunes – from house to grime and R&B – on a bone-rattling sound system, accompanied by lasers and strobe lights, while you’re put through your paces with 12 rounds of boxing and HIIT moves, before finishing with a gentle music-based meditation. Afterwards there’s the chance to socialise while refuelling with healthy food and drinks. £30, Ministry of Sound, London.


If you’ve ever found yourself airdrumming on the dancefloor during a particularly sweaty night out (just us?) then this workout is for you. Pound, a ‘cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums’, sees fitness-lovers doing all manner of moves to music using specially weighted bright green drumsticks. It has all the cathartic, stressrelieving potential of a night shooting tequila to power ballads but will make it a whole lot easier to get up in the morning. Expect to hear all manner of artists, from Destiny’s Child to Rage Against The Machine. Prices range from £4 to £12, venues across the UK,


It’s all about the ‘party on a bike’ vibe at Boom, a pioneering brand at the forefront of the boutique indoor cycling phenomenon. Your ride will include elements of choreography and many sessions are themed with a particular music focus. Choose from a house, disco, rock or 2000s pop ride and many more. Certain workouts also squeeze a live DJ into the (darkened) room for an extra night-out feel. £18, venues across London,


However sold we are on the benefits of not drinking, we still long to bust some moves on the dancefloor. It’s possible to do just that – while getting fit and burning calories – at the dance sessions run by Seen On Screen. You’ll be led, step by step, through a video-ready dance routine to the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé, and fully encouraged to bring some extra sass to the table. And the final performance feels exhilarating, however many missteps you make. £15, venues across Manchester and London,